Shirish Deodhar

Co-founder: GullyBuy, Sapience, In-Reality & Frontier Software

Serial entrepreneur with a history of founding and scaling multiple companies. Shirish brings exemplary leadership lessons from B2B & B2C startup worlds.


Martin Umaran

Co-Founder & Chief of Staff Globant

Responsible for Globant’s mergers and acquisitions process. Exemplary experience of seeding a company and taking it to the IPO and scaling it to USD 800M corporation.


Mohan Kumar

Managing Partner Avataar Ventures

Mohan manages the growth stage B2B fund at Avataar Ventures. Was Managing Partner at Norwest Venture Partners (NVP). He has led investment rounds for many successful enterprise & SAAS startups from India.


Pravin Bhalerao

Managing Partner Pranitya Wealth Advisors

Pravin is a financial wizard - started Pranitya Wealth & earlier Finest Wealth that managed assets for HNIs, multinational and large corporates. Finest Wealth managed assets of Rs 2000 crores, before it merged with the largest wealth management firm IIFL Wealth .


Abhishant Pant

Founder of The Fintech meetup

Abhishant Pant is the founder of The Fintech meetup, India’s largest early-stage Fintech ecosystem (From Idea identification to incubation to acceleration to funding). His domain expertise has been in working with Prepaid, Travel Forex, Mobile Money, Fintech’s (Lending and Payments), and Government initiatives of Financial Inclusion for the bottom of the pyramid.