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Nuances of Scaling B2B Startups Globally (Part 1)

Nuances of Scaling B2B Startups Globally (Part 1)

The November edition of GTMDialogues, hosted in partnership with Pentathlon Ventures and HeadStart (Pune), saw SaaS founders gather for a unique meetup in Pune where they interacted and discussed the nuances of scaling B2B startups globally. 

The event saw two speakers, Harishankar Kannan and Shreyas Nair – both founders who have successfully scaled globally – bring their experience and knowledge to help others in their quest to enter new markets and scale.

In the first part of the series, we bring to you the learnings, experiences and insights brought forward by Harishankar Kanna, the CEO of Scalefusion, a mobile device and endpoint management solution for 360-degree device fleet monitoring and security. 

Having run a bootstrapped startup for the last 9 years, he shares his perspectives on the following:

  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
  • Inbound sales is as good as marketing
  • The critical role of customer support
  • Picking the right outbound sales strategies
  • Things to pay attention to with outbound sales
  • And finally, the Nuances of product team

About GTMDialogues:

GTMDialogues is a community in Pune built by founders, for founders. GTMDialogues hopes to connect SaaS entrepreneurs and foster opportunities to learn and grow within the SaaS community.

About HeadStart:

Headstart is one of the largest and oldest ecosystem enablers in the country, present in over 30+ cities in India, with three global chapters. Their Startup Saturday event is an initiative to help individuals new to entrepreneurship and the SaaS ecosystem grow and scale their businesses globally. 

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