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Building a Successful Sales Engine with Shreyas Nair

Building a Successful Sales Engine with Shreyas Nair

In the dynamic world of Software as a Service (SaaS), understanding the market and implementing effective sales and marketing strategies is crucial for success. Shreyas Nair, the Chief Strategy Officer at Scale It Right, shared his valuable insights during the November edition of GTMDialogues. With extensive experience in working with US-based entrepreneurs, Shreyas has gained expertise in building strong sales campaigns with limited resources. In this blog, we’ll delve into his journey and the key takeaways he shared.

Learning the Power of Interactive Marketing:

Shreyas’s journey into the SaaS industry began with Venture Pack, a small New York-based company. The realization that interactive marketing could generate significant leads and offer a more effective approach than traditional content marketing strategies sparked his interest. Shreyas discovered that interactive marketing tools have the potential to deliver exceptional value and surpass the impact of other marketing methods. This revelation laid the foundation for his understanding of SaaS and building successful sales and marketing engines.

Scale It Right: Empowering Founders to Achieve Their Goals:

As the founder of Scale It Right, Shreyas aims to guide founders in building their companies the right way. While the definition of the “right way” may vary, Shreyas believes that even without significant funding, founders can achieve success by implementing the right strategies. He emphasizes the importance of creating an execution framework that consists of repeatable tasks leading to consistent success. Shreyas shares his learnings and insights on how to build an effective engine for your SaaS company.

The Significance of Articulating Value:

To effectively translate their vision into execution, founders must articulate the value their product or service offers. Shreyas encourages founders to continuously ask themselves why their company exists and what unique value it provides to customers. By engaging in conversations with prospects, customers, and team members, founders can gain a nuanced understanding of the problem they are solving and confidently stand behind their product. Articulating value is essential for capturing the attention and trust of potential customers.

Differentiating Actual Addressable Market from Total Addressable Market:

Shreyas highlights the distinction between the actual addressable market and the total addressable market. While investors may focus on the latter to assess market potential, founders should pay more attention to the actual addressable market. The actual addressable market consists of customers who are aware of their problem and actively seeking a solution. By identifying and targeting this segment, founders can focus their efforts on a specific market niche, rather than competing in a crowded space.

Balancing Demand Generation and Capture:

Founders often face the challenge of creating demand for their product while also capturing the existing demand. Shreyas advises founders to invest in educating the wider audience, even if they may not immediately become paying customers. Building thought leadership and establishing trust through consistent content creation is crucial for attracting potential customers. Simultaneously, founders should focus on capturing the interest of their targeted audience, the top 5% who are most likely to convert into customers.

Understanding North America as a Mindset:

When expanding into the North American market, founders should approach it as a mindset rather than just a geographical entity. Shreyas emphasizes the importance of being fair to customers, providing solutions that address their needs, and building a brand with their trust and social proof. By considering North America as a mindset, founders can better navigate the market and establish a strong presence.


In the ever-evolving world of SaaS, learning from industry experts like Shreyas Nair is crucial for staying ahead of the curve and maximizing growth opportunities. Aspiring founders and entrepreneurs can leverage his experiences and recommendations to make informed decisions, develop effective sales and marketing strategies, and ultimately build thriving SaaS businesses.

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