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SaaS Product Positioning: How to differentiate in a Competitive Market

Positioning your business’s core value proposition is the foundation on which all good startups are built. Through my own experience of co-founding Clarice, a software …

Nuances of Scaling B2B Startups Globally (Part 2)

Shreyas Nair, the Chief Strategy Officer at Scale It Right and the second speaker at the November edition of GTMDialogues, learned about the SaaS market …

Nuances of Scaling B2B Startups Globally (Part 1)

The November edition of GTMDialogues, hosted in partnership with Pentathlon Ventures and HeadStart (Pune), saw SaaS founders gather for a unique meetup in Pune where …

‘Be the Buffalo charging at the storm’ Portfolio in Focus: The Tripeur story

The Business travel management space was buzzing in 2019. Tripeur, like other SaaS companies, were on a steady path of growth, with very good funding, …

A (tried and tested) recipe for success in the SaaS world!

We are privileged to be in the midst of a SaaS boom — Indian SaaS companies raised $6 bn in funding in 2021, with 6 …

The next SaaS Goldrush is here – and API’s are driving it!

How far back in time would you travel if you had a time machine? For a regular person, traveling back even a decade would be …

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