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The Not-So-Obvious B2B-SaaS Opportunities

B2B SaaS has become the prevailing norm in the B2B tech industry. Not only are customers benefiting from this approach, but markets are also rewarding …

Tripeur and Pentathlon: A partnership that weathered the storm

Tripeur, our portfolio company, recently announced its acquisition by the largest travel spend management company – TripActions (now Navan). Shashank and I have been fortunate …

Taking the leap: Commoditising ad fraud tech for the benefit of all | Portfolio in Focus: The ClearTrust story

When the folks at ClearTrust mapped their product journey, adopting an API-first approach made sense. This was a calculated risk. The 2020 year startup is working in …

From Acquisition to Retention: Mastering the Art of Customer Loyalty

Everyone in the startup space invests so much energy in acquiring customers. So you have sales teams that are always on the go, and a …

Product-Led Recurring Services – Bringing Higher Valuations of SaaS to Non-SaaS Services

Why do SaaS businesses command high ARR (Annual Recurring Revenues) multiple or forward-looking revenues? There’s a few reasons: the stickiness of the product, the predictability …

SLM – After the WHAT, Deep dive into the HOW

Following up on my previous article on Serviceable Leadable market, this article details out how exactly SLM is to be defined and then captured.  Think …

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