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Pentathlon Ventures Launches Rs 450 Cr Fund II to Invest in 25 B2B SaaS Start-ups 

The seed stage B2B SaaS-focused VC firm has invested in 23 start-ups through its first fund. The Fund II, managed by the firm’s robust team …

June 2023 – Mumbai

What Inbound Engine Can Do for Your Enterprise – Insights from Sanjeev Sularia When it comes to steering a successful enterprise, understanding your customer’s needs …

May 2023 – Bengaluru

Exploring the Importance of Revenue Operations with Vinod Kumar Nagarajan  When it comes to optimizing a startup’s revenue, understanding and effectively implementing revenue operations is …

Supercharge Your SaaS: How Workflow Automation Fuels Scalability & Intelligence!

Ever feel like you’re caught in an endless cycle of monotonous tasks that are stealing your productivity? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies are …

The Not-So-Obvious B2B-SaaS Opportunities

B2B SaaS has become the prevailing norm in the B2B tech industry. Not only are customers benefiting from this approach, but markets are also rewarding …

Tripeur and Pentathlon: A partnership that weathered the storm

Tripeur, our portfolio company, recently announced its acquisition by the largest travel spend management company – TripActions (now Navan). Shashank and I have been fortunate …

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