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Building a Repeatable Sales Model

Around six months ago, I was talking to the Founder of a leading deep tech company. He lamented that he was spending nearly 80% of …

Navigating the VC-Founder dynamic

A great VC will do so much more than write a cheque. As a founder, you want a VC with a high degree of empathy …

Forget TAM/SAM/SOM. ‘SLM’ is the path to global leadership for early stage start-ups!

At our fund for seed stage B2B Tech startups, the Annual Recurring Revenues (ARRs) are typically 100k USD onwards. But in every deck that we …

Arriving at a custom-fit marketing strategy for your niche B2B product | Portfolio in Focus: The Mogi story

The founder of Mogi I/O set out to launch a short-format video app — “a bit like TikTok, with a twist”. In the process, they …

SaaS Product Positioning: How to differentiate in a Competitive Market

Positioning your business’s core value proposition is the foundation on which all good startups are built. Through my own experience of co-founding Clarice, a software …

Nuances of Scaling B2B Startups Globally (Part 2)

Shreyas Nair, the Chief Strategy Officer at Scale It Right and the second speaker at the November edition of GTMDialogues, learned about the SaaS market …

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