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June 2023 – Mumbai

June 2023 – Mumbai

What Inbound Engine Can Do for Your Enterprise – Insights from Sanjeev Sularia

When it comes to steering a successful enterprise, understanding your customer’s needs is paramount. Equally crucial are identifying the right metrics to measure your progress and fostering a work culture that encourages growth.

In an enlightening discussion with Sanjeev Sularia, the CEO of IntelligenceNode – a global retail intelligence firm, we delve into the nuances of determining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), the importance of hiring best-in-class talent, focusing on key business metrics like Net Revenue Retention (NRR), and constructing an efficient work-from-home strategy.

Let’s delve into Sanjeev’s journey and insights on these vital topics that shape the success trajectory of a modern-day enterprise.

Reflecting on IntelligenceNode’s journey and key learnings:

Sanjeev begins his discourse by reflecting on IntelligenceNode’s journey. He recalls his company’s beginning in the consumer durables industry, citing it as a sector that stands resilient against recession. He emphasizes the importance of always having a clear target market and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that can be adapted as per the evolving market dynamics. As Sanjeev notes, “In B2B, if you don’t define your ICP, you’re probably on the wrong path.”

The Metrics that Matter:

Sanjeev throws light on how his company went against traditional sales metrics and focused on Net Revenue Retention (NRR) as a primary metric. For him, this metric’s importance lies in its ability to demonstrate a company’s growth capacity without adding new customers. He reminds us that “you have to measure what you can control.”

The Crucial Role of Best-In-Class Talent:

The IntelligenceNode CEO underscores the importance of hiring best-in-class talent that can talk the customers’ language and win their trust. In Sanjeev’s words, “Hiring top-tier talent doesn’t necessarily mean hiring from top-tier companies. You have to look for adaptability, humility, and a human-first approach.”

Hiring VPs – Key Considerations:

On hiring VPs, Sanjeev notes that the right fit for VP roles in a company is a complex decision involving the alignment of the person’s skills and the company’s specific needs. He emphasizes looking for candidates that have seen the movie – people who have relevant experience and can effectively apply that in their role.

The Challenge of Figuring Out ICP:

Sanjeev dives into the intricate process of defining an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), stating it’s all about understanding the customers who derive the highest value from your product. He points out how the ICP has changed over time for IntelligenceNode, citing an instance where they had to shift focus to essential retail during the pandemic.

Building a Successful Work-From-Home Culture:

The conversation then pivots to the contentious debate about in-office versus remote working. Sanjeev states his belief in the effectiveness of remote work, provided the employees are self-starters, communicate effectively, and can spend time beyond daily execution tasks. As he says, “Remote always works,” he illustrates this with examples from IntelligenceNode where key team members are globally distributed and yet drive the business successfully.


Sanjeev Sularia’s conversation provides deep insights into building a successful startup from IntelligenceNode’s journey. It emphasizes focusing on the right metrics, the importance of identifying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), hiring the right talent, and promoting a remote-first work culture. His unique perspective offers invaluable advice for startups and companies looking to navigate the path to success in today’s dynamic and challenging business environment.

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