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The Short Story

Cross Border Payments for Banks and Businesses
Founded :
Location : Mumbai
Partnered : 2021
Website : www.fablefintech.com
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The Long Story


Remittance industry has been long dominated by cash, which requires physical locations where customers can hand over or pick up the money. But, building out those retail networks is a huge investment. Traditional banks, credit unions and money transfer operators (MTO) which handle the bulk of remittances take higher processing times at high fees.


To provide a digital cross-border money transfer & payment technology platform to banks/ money transfer operators/ MSBs to expand their remittance business in a greenfield manner, while offering customers reduced fees and increased efficiency.


RemitOnline offers a plug-and-play, highly configurable and integrated/API platform to enable banks, money exchanges and payment companies to move money worldwide in a secure, transparent, reliable, and efficient manner.
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