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The Short Story

Digitalizing Interactions of enterprises with their external stakeholders
Founded : 2017
Location : Bangalore
Partnered : 2021
Website :
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The Long Story


Although CRMs and ERPs have helped organizations automate business processes, this area hasn’t been addressed. It remains disorganized, chaotic, and inaccessible. There is a lack of good quality data, and processes are manually intensive and prone to errors.

Interactions between external partners and internal functions like sales, distribution, or HR remain sub-optimally managed. It is possible to automate and streamline these interactions to bring down the cost of managing these partners, stay compliant, and prevent fraud.


Digitize interactions with external stakeholders such as vendors, resellers, distributors, or partners for restaurants in food delivery, pharmacies in medicine delivery, or stores in grocery delivery.


The platform is no-code, paper-less, presence-less, collaborative, and secure.

A zero-code approach that is very easy to adopt built on an API-rich platform and also provide organizations with much-needed digital KYC support. Organizations can configure complex business processes in a short time and standardize non-standard but critical business activities.
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