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The Short Story

Plug-and-play omni-channel insurance distribution
Founded : 2018
Location : Mumbai
Partnered : 2020
Website :
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The Long Story


India has insurance penetration of 3.7% (40% lower than the global norm). A vast majority of people and MSMEs don’t have access to basic insurance, and so their financial health is always at a high risk.


To drive penetration by bringing insurance to the point of trust. Enabling companies to offer financial protection as a value add can help a greater cross section of consumers buy insurance, in many cases for the first time.


Riskcovry’s API-first approach enables faster go-to-market for our partners. Flexible plug-and-play technology modules allow rapid iteration of insurance products across multiple distribution channels to find the “channel-product fit”. By easily embedding insurance products into their customer journey, they escape the time and effort needed to build technology, teams, and processes.
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