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The Short Story

Live Video Commerce
Founded : 2020
Location : Gurugram
Partnered : 2021
Website :
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The Long Story


Offline retail stores are struggling to keep pace with the e-commerce boom, while online shopping doesn’t offer personalized buying experiences like in brick-and-mortar stores, particularly for high-value goods. The gap leads to low customer acquisition and conversion rates, for both online and offline retailers.


A live video based sales assistance technology can help offline retailers take their business online and offer personalized buying experiences online. It can also help existing ecommerce businesses develop D2C channels online.


SaleAssist’s SaaS solution helps retail stores showcase their products with an online experience through 1:1 live video assistance. It allows retailers to integrate digital showcases of products, analyze shopper’s behavior and feedback, and maintain digital catalogs on their websites. Customers can also learn more about products and engage with sales personnel, thereby increasing conversions, physical footfall and loyalty.
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