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The Short Story

AI/ML powered travel and expense management
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Location : Mumbai
Partnered : 2021
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The Long Story


Companies worldwide, irrespective of the size and industrial type, try to optimize and lower travel business costs. It’s also difficult to ascertain the value proposition of every business trip that an employee makes as part of a company’s objective. Manual processing and countless paper receipts are tedious and taxing.


An AI/ML based solution can eliminate all the manual, human-intensive work and bring everything into a technology platform. It can reduce booking processing times from hours to minutes, while optimizing expense, efficiency and compliances.


Tripeur’s email bot based solution runs on a NLP engine that allows faster turn-around-time for corporate employees to make their travel arrangements. Its AI-engine automates workflows of travel desk executives, employees as well as HR and finance teams with real-time analytics that leverages transactional data to provide cost optimization to corporates.
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