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The Short Story

Augmented Intelligence for smarter screening of job applications
Founded : 2018
Location : Hyderabad
Partnered : 2020
Website :
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The Long Story


Companies receive over 1.5 lakh job applications a year in word and PDF formats, or sometimes just Linkedin or Indeed profiles. Structuring and screening these becomes a nightmare, so it isn’t surprising that 80% of resumes are never opened.


Structuring candidate databases and bringing Al to candidate matching and screening can save money, time, and effort for recruiters. There is a USD 7 Billion opportunity.


Combining Al and NLP to read resumes and determine the candidate’s competence, turn them into smart cards, enrich them with more information, and add scoring and recommendations based on the relevance to the job role and industry. In other words, merging human-like intelligence with machine-like efficiency.
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